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  1. Sensorial - Specially developed materials are utilized to involve the senses in learning. These materials require the use of the senses allowing the learning experience to be totally satisfying and rewarding.
  2. Language/Reading/Writing – Beginning with sensorial and phonetic approaches, language and communication activities aid growth skills related to self-expression, reading and writing.
  3. Mathematics – Sensorial math activities lead the child from solid impressions of quantities to symbols. These materials progress requiring various levels of skills, and ultimately lead to the mastery of the abstract mathematical processes.
  4. Science – Beginning with the sensorial materials children are lead, through the examples illustrated in daily life.
  5. Culture – Sensorial materials lead to an understanding of the spatial relationships necessary to understanding and appreciating geography, history and lifestyles.
  6. Practical Life – These activities help children to become responsible for matters in practical daily living. They learn to care for themselves, their environment, and others.