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Montessori At Home

You can use Montessori principles of child development at home; this helps to reinforce what they are learning in the Montessori Classroom. Look at your home through your child's eyes. Children need a sense of belonging, and they get it by participating fully in the routines of everyday life. "Help me do it by myself" is the life theme of the preschooler. You can find ways for your child to participate at home. Here are some example: meal preparation, cleaning, gardening, caring for clothes, shoes, and toys. Providing opportunities for independence is the surest way to build your child's self-esteem.

At the school level many parents at home use the Montessori philosophy of following the child's interest and not interrupting concentration to educate their children.

It is important to remember, at school, only a trained Montessori teacher can properly implement Montessori education, using the specialized learning equipment of the Montessori "prepared environment." Here social development comes from being in a positive and unique environment with other children; an integral part of Montessori education.