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Lancaster, OH 43130
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Unlike many schools that measure success by focusing on passing tests, Owls Acre Montessori kindergarten encourages children to explore their ideas, take risks and make discoveries, and learn to love the "process of learning," such that they are prepared for life's challenges. We recognize that learning is a lifelong process that goes well beyond passing the next test, and we strive to nurture that love for learning in the students.

Kindergarten offers an intensive reading program as well as Mathematics using the plans that Maria Montessori set forth in her studies. This program provides an all-day option for our Kindergarten students, who spend half of the day in the Montessori class and half of the day in the Kindergarten Enrichment class (total time 8:30 to 2:30). It is designed to complement the Montessori class time and to provide a variety of other "Kindergarten"-type activities for the students. There is a nice balance between group, cooperative activities and individual work. Each child enrolled in the Kindergarten program learns at his/her individual level.